Monday, September 24, 2012

Sensory Processing Disorder

SPD- Which stands for Sensory Processing Disorder. What is it? Oftentimes children's brains are not properly integrating information coming through their senses which can cause tantrums, screaming, and anxiety. They may even gag from a whiff of a bad smell.  Dr. Randi Hagerman, a developmental-behavioral pediatrician who is medical director of the MIND Institute at the University of California said: Many of the behavioral difficulties that are being labeled today as anxiety or A.D.H.D., for instance, may be due to sensory disorders, and that forces you to rethink the treatments,” as well as diagnoses.

Sensory symptoms are most commonly treated with Occupational Therapy. Sometimes when parents are told about SPD, they may look at their child's behaviors differently, and gives them a different perspective. I recently came upon a great Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support Group. Since I work with many kids who have SPD, I found this site helpful to buy products, share stories and learn about this disorder.
Check it out here:

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