Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Edible Treats

While working with special needs children, making easy Halloween treats can be hard work! Check out some simple recipes below that were a lot of fun!

Apple Mouths

1) Apple
2) Nuts (we substituted them and used mints)

You can pre- carve an apples, and sprinkle lemon juice to avoid browning. The children worked on fine motor movement, placing the teeth, into the pre-made holes. We also practiced counting the teach each child used for their very scary mouthes!

Halloween Oreo Spider Web:

1) Oreos 
2) Frosting
3) M&M (This can be used for the spider, or fly that got caught inside the web)
For the spider webs, the children practiced squeezing the frosting onto the oreo cookies. They had a lot of fun creating the perfect web, and eating it afterwards!

Oreo Halloween spiders:

1) Oreos
2) Frosting
3) Pretzel sticks
4) M&M's (we used skittles)

I suggest buying double stuffed Oreos to hold the pretzel legs better. The children enjoyed breaking the pretzel legs to make them the smaller and sticking the eyes on using the pretend glue (frosting).

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