Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween And the Spectrum!

It is that time of year again where every child wants to be part of Halloween. In working with children with special needs, I would like to give some tips for the big night out. Some of us out there may have forgotten how itchy those costumes in a bag truly are. Yes, they are simple and easy, just a credit card swipe away and the costume is 'ready.' However, it is not worth trying to fight your child to wear a costume he/she doesn't feel comfortable wearing. Halloween may be outside your child's comfort zone, and the costume nightmare can be avoided.

1) Make it easy for everyone. If your child wants to be a skeleton, he/she could wear pajama bottoms, with a taped on cut out skeleton. A painter: could wear a white apron and hold paintbrushes. Children can also use wear just a fun Halloween headband, Halloween t-shirt or a Halloween hat!

2) If your child is scared of the dark, feel free to stay home and have them pass out the candy. If you do venture outside, give your son/daughter their own flashlight. They even make flashlights that go around your neck to avoid holding another item.

3) I find that preparing children ahead of time, about the events of the night can avoid anxiety and unexpected tantrums.

If you decide to go the opposite route and make an elaborate costume,  you may want to check out Carter's Halloween costume from last year. The Huffington Post's, "Dad Makes Ice Cream Truck Halloween Costume For Son Who Uses A Wheelchair" By  
will truly amaze you! Carters father decided to build a Halloween costume around his wheel chair.

I am truly speechless, and cannot imagine what Carter will be this year. Can you?

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